Friday, April 10, 2009

Buiding Community with Scrabble and Classes

The economy is sitting on my mind. Every day we have more people coming in who tell us they are unemployed. So far they are a positive group, but I worry since this time of uncertainty cannot be easy on anyone.
So what's to be done? We're committed to building community so we've added three stash busting classes with a no fee structure. Our teachers are in store anyway, so we want you to come and enjoy our knowledge, make some new friends and cheer each other up when you complete your great projects.

Our first offering is Ruth's wonderful stash busting sweater. Bring about three bags full of yarn and your size 10 or 11 needles and she'll lead you in making this beauty that will fit you and keep you amused too.
Next comes the famous button bracelet. I've been working on perfecting such a bracelet for ten years and it has finally arrived. It's a simple knitted or crocheted cuff to which you attach buttons in my unique way. Bring your buttons, a needle, some soft yarn and come have a few hours of fun. This is also wonderful for kids because they are infamous button collectors.

Our final offering is the crocheted basket. Make it as big or as small as you want or need. It's great for a hostess gift filled with fruit. Bring a bag of yarn and a size J hook. This is a very basic crochet pattern so very few skills are needed.
If you are crochet adverse, we can also do this in knitting, but I do prefer the crochet version. The knitted version is better for purses and shopping bags. Your bag of yarn and circular or straight needles in size 15 are needed.
The final offering is our Sunday Scrabble. Come about noon and let's play. If we have more than one board full we can play teams or do the competitive thing and play for the ultimate victory. Bring your handwork or some great yarn (as in story) to share.
Hopefully our coming together will cheer us and help us through this tough season.


Katie said...

What great ideas, Virginia!

Meg said...

This is a wonderful idea. I want to make Ruthie's sweater and the crochet basket. When are the classes?