Friday, June 12, 2009

Get Your Peanuts Ready!

The Stitch 'N Pitch is coming to Seattle August 27. We've got tickets to sell and are ready for a wonderful evening.
To add to the excitement, this year we are sponsoring a food contest. Here are the rules: Make some baseball food using fiber and submit your entry for a contest to be judged by your fellow baseball fans the night of Stitch 'n Pitch. We need your entries a week ahead of the game so that we can set up the voting boxes and display cases, etc. All entries must be the original design of the maker. First prize will be a $100 gift certificate from Seattle Yarn, Second prize is a $70 gift certificate and Third will be a $30 gift certificate.
Start your knitting needles, crochet hooks or felting needles and may the tastiest looking food win.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Washcloth Joy--Who Knew?

I'm not usually given to obsession, but this year I redid the wash cloth pattern for the Lystour about ten times. As I kept redoing it I kept asking myself, why? Now I think that it was the foreshadowing of a great adventure. My husband and I are going to spend a week at a spa in Poland next week. This happened rather suddenly because we wanted to see my Uncle Joe who lives in Karlsruhe, Germany. But he was going to the spa for two weeks, so we graciously decided to join him and his lovely wife. It is so delicious to think that we will have to have massages and hydrotherapy and curative baths for a whole week. Plus the food is supposed to be fabulous and there are great walking trails all around. The name of the town is Kudowa Zdroj right next to the Czech border town of Nachod.
The spa is part of their health care--imagine such health care in America. I'll sacrifice myself and my dear husband and let you know if this is the magic formula for the rest of America.

Meanwhile on the home front, Ruth looks like she needs a bit of care, but she's just excited about manning the store for three weeks with a lot of overtime. Lia and Sue will help, but Marguerite will be in Italy and France for about two weeks.
To keep their spirits up, we promise to send lots of updates on our progress through vacation land.

Power to the People

Hello there folks. I first heard about this from the mother of my granddaughters' class mate. She heard about it and passed it on. Then a yarn magazine came out with the information and Tuesday the Lystour discussed it. It has now entered my brain.
This is a great way to keep our local stores alive. Basically you pick three stores you want to have in your neighborhood and spend $50 between them each month. The economic effect is exponential. And you are in total control. Why not try it.
For more information visit: