Monday, February 23, 2009

Andy Enters Our Life

At the beginning of the month we adopted a lovely nine year old Bichon/Poodle lady. Andrea Josephine (Andy) is delicate but very opinionated. She prefers interesting food, keeping warm next to us and walking when she feels like it. She does not like to be alone and trembles when she has to go too far from home. She also can pull you home at great speed when she's ready for a return trip.
In the photo she is wearing a warm sweater with buttons next to newspapers she and her daddy LeRoy just finished reading on their favorite couch.


JM said...

That's a great photo and great sweater. Love the buttons! You've really captured her personality with your description. Long live Lady Andrea Josephine!

Linera Lucas said...

What a sweet expression.

Jane Ratsey Williams said...

Just heard about this and thought you might like to add your name to the SCRABBLE Casual Clubs directory at on the red couch!

Jane Ratsey Williams