Friday, October 31, 2008

The New Garlic?

A very nice lady came in on Thursday. She was happy to shop for yarn while her husband hit the hardware store. While she was checking out her purchases, her husband stuck his head in just to let her know he was there. Come on in she said--he just pointed to the Obama sign in the window and shook his head. "Sorry," she said. "He's one of five Republicans who live on Vashon Island. I'm not a Republican, but he's a great guy."
I assured her that I like Republicans, too, who are fiscally responsible.
We laughed and she went on her way.
I was sorry that I had made someone feel uncomfortable--the best retail shops make everyone feel happy. Later that night I realized that the Obama sign had done something for me. It had kept the Republican away--maybe this is the new garlic for people who are hungry for change.


Jane said...

Hello, Virginia! Jean-Michele's blog led me to your blog, and I'm thrilled to read it. I'm so glad your store is doing so well! When I am back in Seattle I will buy all my yarn from you!

I liked your story about the Obama sign keeping Republicans away. I also wanted to crow about my success: I married a Republican in spite of his right-leaning tendencies, and you know what? Tomorrow he's voting for Obama. His party has left him behind - he's disgusted with their fearmongering and their irrational tendency to move right when threatened. He is encouraged by Obama's fiscal responsibility and his commitment to international bridge-building. As a southerner long-disgusted with racism, he's thrilled to see an African-American moving into the White House. And I'm so proud of Scott for opening his mind and heart and seeing that hope for a brighter future is possible.

Love to you and your family! I was so sorry to hear that Babcia passed. She was an amazing woman and she was always kind and warm to me.


The Yarn Lady said...

Thank you, Jane, for your story. We are all so happy today to be Americans. Just right Americans--not too this and not too that.
Your blog when you were caring for your mom helped me take care of mine--thanks for that too.

Kimby said...

When I see those signs I just feel warm and happy :-)

I love garlic, and your store.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Being a republican moderate and free thinker, I guess I wouldn't be welcome in your store.

Didn't know knitting had become so political.

Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

I am saddened and heartsick to learn that such a fabulous yarn shop would include an Obama sign to become part of the welcome mat to the store.

The message that Republicans should stay away is more than I can almost bear.


jajamama said...

Dear Republicans:
Please do come in. That sign was not put up to chase you away, that sign was put up to tell you that I do like Obama. I have shopped in places which displayed Bush signs and felt that they had to right to their opinions. I did not see a McCain sign on a shop I wanted to go in, but if I had I would have gone in anyway because we live in a free country. This is America and we all have the right to express ourselves. I was worried that Obama would not win and I felt that Since I am almost 63 I feel I do have the right to express myself.
I do not want anyone to feel that they cannot come in because I do try to have a shop that welcomes all people--even those who do not share my beliefs. I was surprised that anyone would avoid just coming in because of the sign.
Just for the record, a few years ago I urged all my customers to send balls to the Democratic congress--even offered a free pattern for this purpose. One party does not have all the answers, but if we pick and choose we might get something that works for all of us.
As Elizabeth Zimmerman said: Just knit on through every crisis.
I remain with yarn in hand,
Virginia--Seattle Yarn

Anonymous said...

Whoops! What happened "to the best retail shop [that] makes everyone feel happy" and makes every customer feel welcome?????

jajamama said...

So sorry. My book club gave me a reaming tonight. Yes, I was bad. What I thought was cute was really really stupid. I must apologize to everyone. Please forgive me.
We do not knit and purl in political terms. It was silly to bring such topics into the yarn shop.
With yarn in mouth, I remain,
Virginia--Seattle Yarn