Monday, May 4, 2009

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

Mike and Bernice Koelzer in the only dry barn in the festival

Yamo kissing Bernice while I hold Pepper as Lulu eats my shirt through the fence

Yamo the llama and Pepper the cashmere goat down on the farm.

Yamo looks interested, but he loves all the ladies

What does a yarn lady do when she travels?  She looks for yarn, of course.
My sister lives on a cashmere goat farm in Virginia.  It's very different from my life in Seattle.  I come and learn about biocontainment and current offerings on television and what to do with an amorous llama. 

  She also took me to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.  It's billed as the biggest in the nation.  I can also tell you that it was the wettest this year.  The rain fell, the red water flowed down the paths between the tents and it was too wet to take pictures outside.  There were signs all over the parking lot warning that children and dogs would be removed from cars which I would have photographed.  I got soaked looking for the Mongolian yurt with the Felting Turk in it.  The demonstration was great, but he said the felting was going slowly because it was so cold. There was also a small tent full of wet singing Jewish boys stuffed into it but I was too wet and the camera would have drowned.  You really should have been there.

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Anonymous said...

Virginia - I actually am going to miss you a lot. I was almost tearing us when I left you at the airport - felt a sense of loss to the sisterhood we have. Your visits make me realize how similar we are in many ways - our comments, our mannerisms...our ways of talking to our grandkids and being silly and making them laugh. Thank you for coming, and sharing your time with me (us) and being with us. What fun it was to have you here. Come again.

Love Bernice

P.S. Oh and Yamo says "where is that sweet thing". Such a casanova......He misses you already. He says next time he will pack a bag and come with you for a visit (ha, ha). No one will notice....