Friday, September 19, 2008

The Wedding Shawl

What does a yarn lady give her daughter for her wedding? A shawl for sure.

This is not the bride--this is the proud father who happened to be home when the shawl was finally finished--about three days before the wedding. The poor shawl barely goes over his shoulders. LeRoy worries that Ruthie probably doesn't need a muffler for her wedding, but I assure him that it will be alright--just trust me.

First thing I did was wash the shawl, then I draped it wet over my blocking board.

Then I pinned it using rustproof brass pins. The blocking board has been in service for about twelve years and is made of standard size ceiling tile with contact paper--as you can see, I could only find one roll of the blue and white check paper so I added another country print to finish the board--very effective, but not too pretty.

After drying overnight, LeRoy once again models. He can now drape the shawl around his shoulders and over his hands with lots of ease--and you can see the pattern, too.

And finally, this is the happy bride with her shawl, her pearls and her husband.

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JM said...

She looks beautiful! I love this how-to.