Sunday, April 20, 2008


Things have been a little slow for the Yarn Lady. My mom is in the final stages of her life and it is very hard to concentrate on the day to day when one is focused on the hereafter--while the day to day of managing her care takes up more time than ever. Yesterday she went to stay with my sister for a week. A week of concentrating on something other than pills and nurses and direct worries about her condition may be a refreshing time for me and my husband.  Or I may just puddle into sleep for a few days and accomplish nothing during the break.  Either way, I'm ready for this change of pace. A lot of you are going through the same situation--dealing with death, illness and change. The good news is that yarn helps during this process.  Do come by and share your yarn and we'll share some of ours with you, too.  

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